What I Eat in a Day {Vegan in Boston}

What I Eat in a Day {Vegan in Boston}

When I was first considering going vegan, one thing that really held me back was the fear of being restricted and feeling left out. I worried that I wouldn't be able to eat out, that I'd be stuck with the same three dishes day in and day out, that my food would be boring. How wrong I was! I'm writing this What I Eat In A Day series to show you how much beautiful variety and flavor this lifestyle truly provides, and how easy it is to maintain. 

When I'm home in Boston I RARELY eat out three meals in a day. This particular weekend was special though...brunch with one of my best friends from college followed by cafe treats with my best witch from work, and I decided to just go ahead and treat myself for dinner haha. So here's a picture of what a vegan eats in a day in Boston!


vegan in boston

One of my absolute favorite brunch spots in Boston is the Friendly Toast. This city is pretty difficult for finding vegan options without doing lots of menu modifications on your own, but the Friendly Toast actually offers a lot of vegan-friendly items ready to order as is. On this day, I got the So It Vegan, which is a tofu scramble with black beans, salsa verde, kale, roasted red peppers, corn salsa + tortilla strips. My mouth is watering just remembering this!

The Friendly Toast // 35 Stanhope St, Back Bay, MA


vegan in boston

Since I had a late brunch, I wasn't super hungry for lunch. My friend and I were doing work at Flour Bakery + Cafe so I just grabbed a vegan apple muffin and an ice coffee with soy when I was feeling snack-y.

Flour Bakery + Cafe // 114 Mount Auburn St, Cambridge, MA 02138



vegan in boston

Guys I'm legit obsessed with A@time (yes that's the real name). They don't have vegan specific menu items, but they're so so willing to customize their dishes for you and they're nice about it. I usually get noodles, but on this day I was more in the mood for a cozy curry, so I got this spicy green curry with rice and tofu. Incredible, have ordered it multiple times since then. 10/10 would recommend!

A@time // 433 Cambridge St, Allston, MA 02134

Do you have any vegan/vegan-friendly spots in Boston? Leave me your recommendations in the comments or tag me on Instagram so I can see what you're eating (@blogbymarla)!