5 Southern California Valentine's Day Date Ideas

5 Southern California Valentine's Day Date Ideas
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01. Drive around on the PCH and pull over at the prettiest spots.

The Pacific Coast Highway is one of California's most iconic highways, traveling up and down the coast as the name suggests. While there are faster routes you could take, this is by far the most scenic with several stunning view points. 

02. Go wine tasting.

Southern California has plenty of options for wine tasting, whether you're in Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego. My personal favorite place for wine tasting in SoCal is Temecula. There are TONS of beautiful wineries right next to each others, so once you've had enough samples at one it's easy getting to the next.

03. See a movie at a luxury theater.

Have you heard of luxury movie theaters? They're definitely splurges, but for Valentine's day I think it's worth it! There's iPic in Pasadena or Cinepolis, where you can order restaurant-quality food and drinks served directly to your seat. And by the way, your seat is big squishy recliner! And anyway, I think going to the movies is really underrated nowadays, which is sad because it's such a classic date.

04. Visit some of Southern California's amazing museums.

San Diego's Balboa Park has a variety of museums, including Art, Man, Natural History, Aerospace, and others. Los Angeles boasts some of the best art museums in the country, like the Getty and LACMA, and countless other varieties of museums (like the Museum of Death!). I've been dying to go to the Getty, but Balboa Park has hosted some truly amazing exhibits too like the Titanic and King Tut.

05. Get Mexican food and margaritas.

Nothing is more Southern California than Mexican food and margaritas! You could either do takeout burritos and do homemade margaritas, or go to one of countless Mexican restaurants where there's often live music, free chips and salsa, and great happy hour deals on those margaritas.