Goodbye to my oldest friend // 9/12/02 - 6/30/15

Goodbye to my oldest friend // 9/12/02 - 6/30/15


Last night, we said goodbye to our family dog Roxy. About two weeks ago, she rapidly and inexplicably lost the use of her legs. We were bringing her to acupuncture and chiropractor appointments plus started her on a bunch of new meds, but there wasn't much change in condition. Last night, she had blood in her urine and her eyes were no longer lining up with each other so we rushed her to the ER where the vet told us the problem was likely a brain tumor and even if we decided to do an MRI and other procedures there was no guarantee she would even get better. Since she was almost 13 years old, we decided to let her go rather than put her through major surgery. We were all there around her when she passed away.

She was the best dog we could have ever hoped for. We were really lucky to get her...when we first saw her as a little puppy at the Humane Society back in 2002, she wasn't available for immediate adoption because she and her litter mates were sick with a cold and there were two people ahead of us on the waiting list for her. Both of those families adopted other dogs while waiting, so we were able to take Roxy home.

She would always come greet us at the door, even when she was old and it was harder for her to walk. She would smile when you talked to her and would get super jealous when we cooed over other animals (even just cute pictured on the computer!). She could catch treats like a pro and remembered how to do lots of tricks. She was the sweetest pup, so calm, happy and loving to everyone...she was never much of a guard dog, but we didn't mind that at all.

I'll probably have other dogs in my life, but no dog could ever replace Roxy's spot in my heart. We had her for over half of my life and we grew up together. She was here for pretty much every major event I've gone through; I can't imagine my life without her.