Introducing Daenerys!

Introducing Daenerys!

Daenerys the CatHave you ever had a pet that you felt destiny brought into your life? As if the two of you were just supposed to be together and the universe made it happen? That's how I feel with little Daenerys, this beautiful kitten who entered my life quite unexpectedly a few weeks ago. She is simultaneously a feisty spitfire and the sweetest angel of cat, and I'm actually obsessed with her to say the least. So I wanted to introduce her to Blogland and tell the story of how we found each other.

Daenerys the CatDaenerys the Cat It started with a weekend trip to the desert with some friends. I was carpooling with one of my friends and we'd already left when her sister asked us to turn around to get some stuff from home for her. So after retrieving her things and heading out for the second time, a little kitten ran out in front of my car. We all live in the country, so it's definitely unusual to see a kitten just out and about, especially at night. And it's dangerous for cats at night too with coyotes and owls on the prowl.

I pulled over of course and she was sitting next to an electrical box and shied away at first, but after I turned to go back to the car she ran out again and let me pick her up. She immediately started purring and didn't stop until we got to my house (where I was leaving her for the weekend while I was in the desert). She immediately made herself the queen of the house, not backing down to our dog or any of our other (huge) cats. At this point, the other cats were still so scared of Carl they wouldn't come out of their hiding spots, but the kitten curled up on the couch and would swipe at Carl if he bugged her!

Daenerys the CatDaenerys the CatDaenerys the Cat We all fell in love with how spunky and unafraid she is; weeks later, she still bosses around our other cats, and they're all GIANT 15-20 pounders! It's so so funny. And as I mentioned above, she's also a sweet angel kitten. She follows me around and loves sitting in my lap and comes running when I call her. She loves love...she's literally done that internet cat thing where she reaches up to my hands and pulls them down to her face when she wants me to pet her. Really is there anything better than a little kitten who just wants to hang out with you all the time?

I don't know how I got so lucky! We weren't even supposed to be in our home town at that time, and she just happened to run out in front of my was truly destiny. I'm completely obsessed with her; I seriously had 30 pictures ready for this post and forced myself to whittle it down to these six haha. I'm seriously one of those people that does nothing but take constant, practically identical pictures of pet child. But she's just the best little cat there ever was.

Tell me about your fur child!